An email to all my students

It is quite challenging right to find what the lecturer demand for the project especially when the project statement is not giving quite a good picture what your team is about to develop.

Dont worry, that is why you need to ask. Yes, one of the key to success is always ask. You can ask anything related or non related as long as I know the answer. Thank you for those who asked about the project details.

To tell the truth,

Not even me or other lecturers will know 100% details about the notes, and everything that I have taught and soon to be taught in the class. I am not superb or well-known Professor or research scholar that has practise 40 to 50 years of multimedia system.

But university (in truth is)

Is supposed to be an area for you to develop your thinking and ideas.

It is not about scoring A a lot OR scoring 4.00

But it is about scoring high in skills and ideas.

You do not need to be top students.

You do not need to be 4.00 (but if you have it then congratulation and it is bonuses)

You just need to be yourself and develop good ideas and technical stuff.


I am not well known student in the past or perfect lecturers.

But I know who I am and I always love to make yourself can actually think and do things by yourself EVEN without me around.

My wish is to spark your ideas and train your brain to another level of thinking and not just about READ and also REMEMBERING FACTS.

Life is not just for 4.00

Life is for being great person as you can be.

Develop a life that you dont actually work in the future but you do everything that you always love.

For me, I always enjoying teaching, meeting people and travelling. That is what I always love to do.

That is for today.

Hopefully someone or at least now some of you can realize their dream and what you are going to become after reading this.

Catch for love and passion. Others come later.

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