Jelajah Hotel – Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

Ok baiklah saya akan review hotel ni pulak yg kebetulan duduk sempena IJM ALLIANZ NPE HIGHWAY RUN 2018


  1. Staff greeting and hospitality is great
  2. Good and quite fast check in time
  3. Room is clean and well organized
  4. Amenities is well provided.
  5. Great and many choices of different type of breakfast!!!


  1. Not a modern type hotel room
  2. Bathroom tiles are so slippery. I am suggesting them to change it to some sort of different type of tiles (anti-slippery tiles)
  3. Aircond – I cannot change anything and just can turn in and off. I even tried to change the temperature of the room but it didnt change at all. I think the room controller unit is malfunctioning (just for the aircond control)
  4. Room is quite cold even though we have turned the aircond off.
  • My rating is 4/5 stars.
  • See my room photos(screenshot from a fast recorded video via smartphone)
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