Kali ini aku menerjah pula Cyberview Resort and Spa di Cyberjaya.

Motif utama adalah untuk larian Milo Breakfast Day pada 11 August bersama isteri dan anak2.

Tapi disini saya Pro and Cons untuk hotel

Tempahan dibuat melalui Agoda tetapi saya tidak memilih breakfast sebab nak breakfast di MBD 2018 di Dataran Putrajaya.

Aku tiba dalam jam 5. Sampai aje aku terus aje parking kejap kat foyer dia tu. Masuk dalam dan check in.

Kemudian lepas check in terus naik kereta dan cari mana chalet tempat aku duduk.

Aku dapat chalet No 188. So boleh tengok Pro and Con di bawah.


  • Great room with amenities
  • Lots of parking lot
  • Great environment of chalet surrounding
  • Cons:
    • No lift!!!!! Had to brought my almost 20kg beg on my own using stairs
      Water heater malfunction. Sometimes its hot, sometimes its cold. I took a bath with that conditions. Cold and hot interchangeably.
      Not so good check in since they at first gave me twin beds!! But I booked via Agoda Double/Queen Size bed. Arguing with the check in staff and finally got my big size bed.
      Check in staff manner is also not very good.


    3 star over 5 star.

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