Fun and Run

Fun and Run

Somehow I rarely share about what Im doing in research world compared to my running and personal activities in my blog website/Facebook.

To be honest, Im quite moderate into my research of my area but not to the level of getting it extensive level COMPARED fee years ago (5-10) where it is quite high (level).

Yes my research writing is becoming lesser nowdays but Im going to catch up again.

Talk about fun and run

Again, to be honest I will never beat or try to compete Kenyan based runner or any athletic type person.

But Im trying to get them as a target to go as far as I can. Something like shooting at the star eventhough we can’t do that. But the ambition is there.

Almost two years of running, improvements quite lot for me where it bring down 1 minute pace from 6 minutes per km to 5 minutes per km.

Im hoping for the target to get 4 min pace per km by 2 years time.

Running will never be my forever lifestyle as I might get older but it going to be last until 60 years old maybe. After that might just walkathon or simply enjoying life run style.

In order to run almost everyday you need to have fun.

When it is no longer fun, you cannot run and your target will missed. Run play a lot of mental steadiness.

You need to aim how fast or how long or how many distance your body want to go.

And then the brain play important roles determine your success.

They will be a battle between your body and brain to go further and meet the target.

Only your mental strength can allow your body to go further.

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