Will never stop

No matter what the obstacles

Aku akan pastikan bermain permainan video itu tidak dipandang negatif oleh generasi masa akan datang.

Biarpun aku menentang idea idea kolot masa kini memandang serong secara total blame “game penyebab kemusnahan akhlak” atau “game penyebab pendidikan rosak” dan sebagainya.

I will never stop. I will spread to positive vibe of playing game as a good hobby and medium to learn. And also the way to control ourself when playing games. Either as a serious profession as Esport player or as a hobby or as a game designer/developer

Soon, people will know that the game can bring peace and harmony where it unites people.

We will learn history from the game
We will learn the opportunity from the game
We will hone our skills and knowledges via game

I will continue my way to reach as many as possible attention of the people in my country.

Published by razorjr

Research and Academician

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