For BENC 4173, please make sure to follow updates according to the tagline [BENC 4173]

For DACS 1212, please make sure to follow updates according to the tagline [DACS 1212]


[BENC 4173]Updated November 27, 2010 9.10 Am:-

Updated Carrymark of 3D Assignment and Paper Assignment.

[DACS 1212]Updated November 25, 2010 5:42 Am:-

1. You guys can download a final grade mark HERE. Notice that there is some minor changes that has been made. So, better have a look again.


[BENC 4173]Updated November 25, 2010 5:41 Am:-

Please consult Mr. Shah for completed marks. Because I’ve completed my task marking question 2 and 5 of your final examination. Senarai Tampal is just around the corner (Soon published)

[DACS 1212]Updated November 10, 2010 0:37 Am:-

1. Updated All Carrymark. 100%. Have a look at your latest mark and updated.

2. Goodluck for other finals too. And Happy Holiday, And Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

[DACS 1212]Updated November 09, 2010 3.30 Pm:-

1. I have updated your 100% carrymark. This is the total and the grade for this subject. Btw, I still have few papers that still being mark. So, if you found that your mark is left empty (Minus the “Tidak Hadir”, which is 3 person, only 1 MC but I don’t know what happened to two others), wait for your mark because I still marking few papers.

2. Tahniah kepada yang mendapat A, A-, B+, dan B.

3. Kepada yang lulus, semoga berusaha lebih pada semester hadapan.

4. Kepada yang gagal, anda harus berusaha memperbaiki diri anda kerana pastikan niat anda masuk ke universiti adalah kerana anda minat untuk belajar dan menuntut ilmu.

kepada semua,

Ilmu harus dicari dan dipelajari. Hormati guru anda dan patuhi orang-orang yang lebih tua dari anda. Dan jauhi sifat2 negatif seperti menjadi pemarah, samseng jalanan, mat rempit dan perkara-perkara negatif lain. Jadilah manusia yang bagus. InsyaAllah anda akan tergolong dari golongan orang-orang beriman.


1. Remember, that the due date is on 8th November 2010 (Before 5.00 pm). Otherwise your marks will be zero forever for the assignment.

2. For DACS 1212 – Study a lot by make many exercises that has been given to you guys at Fundamental Math page

3. For BENC 4173 – Just do your assignment and your mark surely will be colorful enough to support your marks. By the way just keep on study the stuff that has been told during the class.

[DACS 1212] Updated October 30, 2010 11,24 Am:-

1. There is no quiz or test anymore. So, goodluck with all your final exam preparation

2. I’ve updated the 60% carrymark. Look at the Fundamental Mathematics Page

[BENC 4173] Updated October 30, 2010 11.23 Am:-

1. Please send your assignment (paper and 3D design) to my email either by uploading the big data into some file hosting, email me or you guys can directly come to my room between 1 – 3 November 2010 (Contact me first incase I’m not in office but I’m in faculty).

[DACS 1212] Updated October 23, 2010 10.00 Pm:-

1. I have uploaded the quiz solutions. CLICK HERE FOR QUIZ ONE AND CLICK HERE FOR QUIZ TWO. Or you could directly go to Fundamental Mathematics Page.

[BENC 4173] Updated October 23, 2010 10.01 Am:-

1. Next week, Mr. Shazlan will take over again the class and I would like to thank you to everybody that involved during my class hour (my teaching). Hopefully you guys not feel so boring. But hey, this is a new subject and most of the syllabus is still in development.

2. For the paper submission, please send before the final exam, I will make sure you guys can get quite a good marks for that. Also with the design assignment, I have just wanted you guys to have a little fun playing with 3D stuff etc.

3. So, it is just only one semester left for you guys before graduated next year, so always planning ahead what you are trying to do in the future. Whether want to further your study or work at industry. Believe me, working at the industry or in academic world is both fun. Just ask yourself, what you are going to be? Have you ever imagine someone that worked for 8 to 10 years suddenly stopped working at the industry and enter the academic world? If you ask me, better have a Master Degree first before working on the industry so after working for years at the industry, you could always get back to academic world and become lecturer (Btw in the future, to become lecturer you need to have PhD). So plan ahead and never stop thinking. That is why Allah S.W.T created us.

4. Last but not least, always cheer up and have a happy life no matter what happens in the future. Even it is hard, but smiling always do a good thing.

[DACS 1212] Updated October 22, 2010 10.32 pm:-

1. I’ve just uploaded your 60% carrymark. Only those who sent their assignment will get complete 60% carrymark displayed at the carrymark table. So, send your assignment as soon as possible.

2. For those who does not seat for quiz yet, you can do it so at my room between 1 until 3 November 2010. Please send an email to what time do you want to seat for your quiz. It is gonna be totally different question than the previous one. And it is tough and please study between chapter Functions until Polynomials.

3. Please send immediately your assignment.

4. Final exam is going to be quite easy if you make exercise more than 3 hours the night before the DACS 1212 final exam. Last Minute Study also can for this subject, but you need to concentrate at the tutorials that has been given to you guys. Don’t remember stuff, but please understand the steps and the concepts behind it.

5. Don’t give up to early, you need to stay tough because the world is quite tough now and trust me, always believing in yourself because you can become better than anyone else if you keep on believing your potential that has been given by Allah S.W.T to you. Pray a lot and do exercise a lot, for every subject. In 20 years ahead, you will be smiling because of the success that you have created during that time.

[DACS 1212] Updated October 21, 2010 6.15 Am:-

1. Akan ada dua kuiz pada hari jumaat. Merangkumi topik function dan juga polynomial. Jadi Harap Bersiap Sedia

[BENC 4173] Updated October 21, 2010 6.14 Am:-

1. Result Test sudah keluar, go and check your test mark.

2. Follow new design assignment guideline. Because we don’t have time to implement OpenGL assignment. Thank you.

[BOTH] Updated October 20, 2010 2.50 pm:-

Difahamkan esok cuti, maka jika cuti, kelas dibatalkan dan sila ambil perhatian dengan perkara dibawah:-

1. Kepada DACS 1212 students, both quizzes will be held on Friday October 22, 2010. Combined both quizzes.

2. Kepada BENC 4173, Please follow the guideline on the Multimedia And Technology Page


[DACS 1212] Updated October 17, 2010 4.50 am:-

1. Be well prepared for the upcoming quiz – on 21st October 2010 (Thursday) – Topic : Functions

2. Be well prepared for the next quiz after that – on 22nd October 2010 (Friday) – Topic : Polynomials

3. The quiz only take 15 minutes and no extra time will be given or otherwise the mark will be zero (no tolerance). So, be well prepared!!

[DACS 1212] Updated October 15, 2010 4.51 pm:-

1. You can download latest tutorial for final exam related HERE or at Fundamental Mathematics page

2. Next tutorial will be uploaded once I have time to upload it since your lecturer kinda “like busy” right now.

[BENC 4173] OpenGL Stuff – Updated October 15, 2010 4.54 pm:-

1.  We are going to have just a short session of learning OpenGL on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at Makmal Kejuruteraan Komputer

2. Test will happens on Monday, October 18, 2010 – Good Test

[DACS 1212] Updated October 14, 2010 10.22 am:-

1. You guys can download new tutorial for your final examination preparation. Go directly to Fundamental Mathematics Page.

[BENC 4173] OpenGL Stuff – Updated October 14, 2010 10.23 am:-

1.  We are going to have just a short session of learning OpenGL.

2. Class would be from 2 until 4 o’clock pm

[DACS 1212] Updated October 08, 2010 12.56 pm:-

1. All powerpoint file for this week lecture can be found at Fundamental Mathematics page. Thanks

2. To those who haven’t pay yet the Fund. Math. book, please do it as soon as possible as I know one or two of you haven’t pay yet. Thanks.

[BENC 4173] OpenGL Stuff – Updated October 08, 2010 10.56 am:-

1.  Go to Multimedia Page as I put some instruction there

[BENC 4173] Updated October 04, 2010 10.58 am:-

Addtional Notes about Transformation:-

a) 2D Transformation Example

b) Transformation Matrix

[BENC 4173] Updated October 03, 2010 11.26 am:-

Tomorrow we have a class on Transformation.

– I’m planning a test on October 28, 2010 during class hour. Just a one hour test. Consists of first four chapters of my teaching. Most probably based on theory and small transformation questions.

[DACS 1212] Updated October 03, 2010 11.16 am:-

1) I’m planning to give you guys two quizzes. As it is stated on my teaching plan. Planning date:-

October 15, 2010 (Friday) – During Class Hour – Topic Polynomial) – Just a 30 Minutes quiz

October 29, 2010 (Friday) – During Class Hour – Randomized Topic (Be Careful because it is randomize question from various topics) – 1 Hour quiz

2) I’m Planning for Outrageous Tutorial Set (No need submit, but you must show me that you have done all and I need to make sure all answer is correct)

Set 1 – Topic 1,2,3,5   on October 21, 2010 (Thursday) – Set up of almost 50 questions.

Set 2 – Topic 6,7 on October 28, 2010 (Thursday) – Set up of almost 40 questions.

3) After all class is completed, the rest of the following weeks will be just a ask-a-question session.

Thank you.

[BOTH] Updated 28 September 2010 11.00 am:-

Students, I will not be around on wednesday and thursday 29/30 September 2010 due to a research course at Kuala Lumpur. However, next week will be a class on monday.

For BENC 4173 Students – Thursday class will be carried out by Mr. Nurazlan Shah

For DACS 1212 Students – Friday will be a class

[DACS 1212]Updated 24th September 2010 12.29 pm :-

1. I’ve uploaded Trignometry chapter in Fundamental Mathematics Page or you guys can grab it here:-

Trigonometry Intro

Trigonometry In Depth

For Both Classes

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin

Semoga anda bersemangat sambut raya dan pastikan anda bersemangat juga untuk kelas sebaik sahaja cuti raya tamat.

[BENC 4173]Updated 3rd September 2010 12.46 pm :-

For BENC 4173 students only, please navigate to Multimedia page (Link Under Teaching) for your course materials for 6 weeks.

[DACS 1212]Updated 3rd September 2010 12.46 pm :-

1. Markah Carrymark 30% telah disediakan. Please navigate to Fundamental Mathematics page and carefully see your carrymark there.

[DACS 1212]Updated 3rd September 2010 5.29 am :-

1. Skema Test sudah dikeluarkan. DOWNLOAD

2. Beberapa kertas sudah ditanda. Didapati ada yang tidak mahir dan tidak mengingat formula

Bahagian yang majoritinya ada problem:-

a) Bahagian Soalan 2(b)

b) Bahagian 3(b)

3. Carrymark 30% akan dikeluarkan tidak lama lagi. Tutorial = 5%, dan Test 25%.

Yang Hantar Awal = 2 markah bonus, Yang Hantar Lewat = 1 markah bonus. (Untuk Test). Kertas Jawapan dan Soalan tidak akan dipulangkan kepada anda. Harap Maklum. Anda Boleh Download Skema Dari Website ini.

4. Selamat Hari Raya.

[DACS 1212]Updated 2nd September 2010 2.54 pm :-

1. For those who cannot attend this test, you guys might be able to take it after raya but it is not going to be on previous five chapters anymore. it would be based in the last two chapters plus some chapters of matrices and functions.

2.Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Kemaafan dipinta sepanjang sesi pengajaran saya.

[DACS 1212]Updated 1st September 2010 11.07 am :-

1. Tomorrow will be a class but just for some questions asking that you might to get answer. And also some announcements.

2. Friday no class.

3. Tomorrow is a TEST DAY. Be prepared.

Test – 8.30 malam hingga 10.00 malam – 5 Questions (Don’t worry, it is quite easy)

[DACS 1212]Updated 29th August 2010 10.28 am :-


2. Please go to Fundamental Mathematics site under Tutorial where I’ve uploaded Tutorial 4 and 5 answers. Thanks.

[DACS 1212]Updated 28th August 2010 12.09 pm :-

1. I’ve uploaded additional notes for Geometric Coordinates and Functions topic.

2. Just wait for Tutorial 4 and 5 answers – I need to scan it.

3. I also currently uploading a video tutorial for certain chapters but be careful as it is nearly 700mb download. After you have downloaded it, please extract it into specific folder and click Start. exe.


Updated 27th August 2010 10.32 am :-

1. Kelas untuk hari ini ditiadakan, sila tanya saya kat bilik nanti untuk sebarang pertanyaan. Saya ada meeting pagi ini untuk siapkan laman web fakulti.

2. Saya akan upload tutorial untuk bab 4 dan bab 5 dan jawapannya dalam masa hujung minggu ini.

3.Minggu depan kelas akan diadakan pada hari khamis 11 – 1 pm dan malamnya ada test. kelas hari khamis lebih tertumpu kepada ulangkaji aje.

4.Hari Jumaat saya tiadakan kelas.

[DACS 1212]Updated 24th August 2010 5.24 am :-

1. Minggu ini, saya akan cover topik function sampai habis. Sebab minggu depan akan ada test, jadi lepas nih boleh study from chapter 1 until 5 . Kesemua lima chapter ada masuk test. Jadi prepare kerana akan membawa kepada 25% carrymark kamu.

2.Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa dan Amal lain dengan sempurna. Perbanyakkan amal kerana ramadhan sudah sampai ke pertengahan.

[DACS 1212]Updated 19th August 2010 7.04 pm :-

1. Selamat Berbuka Semua (mengikut jam sekarang).

2.Saya dah tempah bilik Kuliah 13 dan 14 untuk ujian kamu dari 8.30 malam hingga 10.00 malam.

3. Esok akan dibuat kelas seperti biasa dan saya akan masuk function sedikit. Hopefully habis sebelum test. Jadi selepas raya akan ada dua lagi topik. Trigonometry dan juga Polinomial

[DACS 1212]Updated 17th August 2010 3.09 pm :-

1. Students!!, It’s raining outside right now btw I’m going to tell you guys that this week I’ll be covering the Geometry Coordinates topic (Chapter 4) and few Functions topic (Chapter 5) . Not to mention that this week is the Fifth Week of my class. 2 more weeks to go for your the only test.

2. Saya minta maaf kerana mungkin tak dapat buat test waktu siang, disebabkan kekangan tempat. Jadi saya anjakkan ke waktu malam. Mungkin Ujian akan diadakan pada Rabu malam atau Khamis Malam.

[DACS 1212]Updated 14th August 2010 9.40 am :-

– I’ve dropped a project so called “Video Tutorial” because lot of videos available here at

– Test is going to be on 2nd September during class hour. I will book ECADD and Computer Lab for your test. because there are too many of you, so I need bigger space for this test. Should it be 1 and half hour or 1 hour and 45 minutes?Just wait. Cover until chapter 5

– Students. get your book at my room. No need to pay yet. Later also can la. Write your name on the whiteboard in my office.

– Btw, my team of mobila games company won a IPCC Mobile Games Competition, bring us RM50,000 money for mobile games creation. Yeah

[DACS 1212]Updated 14th August 2010 2.37 am (before sahur):-

1. If you are interested to use Maple 13 to check your answer regularly, you can get it at my office but bring your external harddisk/ pendrive with free space around 300MB

With Maple 13, you can

– Check Matrices answer for any assignment/tutorial question with you manually answer question.

-Plus a lot more with this utility.

But, for tutorial how to use it, just directly go to internet and google it with keyword “Maple Tutorial”

2. Currently I’m downloading Maple version 14.

3. I’m planning to create video tutorial incase you need to rewind yourself of what I’ve been teaching in the class using my HD videocam HDR CX110E. But not for all topics. Maybe few examples from the books. What your’s opinion?


[DACS 1212]Updated 12th August 2010 1.58 pm:-

STUDENTS!!! No fear because the correct answer scheme for today kuliah ada disini. KELIK HEREEEEE

Updated 12th August 2010 1.58 pm:-

Wahai pelajar2 sekalian, setelah merujuk buku, terdapat kesilapa sedikit untuk pengajaran sebentar tadi. Setelah kita mencari cofactor, maka seterusnya kita perlu transposekannya sebelum didarabkan dengan 1/[determinant], kesilapan ini hanya kepada matrix 3 x 3 sahaja. saya akan upload penyelesaian dalam tempoh sebentar lagi. Maaf atas kesilapan tadi.

Seperti biasa, harap ada pelajar datang dahulu mengambil buku dibilik saya dan bayar kemudian. Terima Kasih.

[DACS 1212]Updated 10th August 2010 3.08 pm:-

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarrak.


[DACS 1212]Updated 6th August 2010 9.30 pm:-

Students, Please vote your desire time for our first test and only test.

[DACS 1212]Updated 6th August 2010 12.20 am:-

Tutorial 3 With Answers. Download it!!

[DACS 1212]Updated 5th August 2010 10.16 PM:-


[DACS 1212]Updated 5th August 2010 9.14 PM:-

1. Saya buat link ke beberapa slidesssss in powerpoint/pdf untuk bab matrices. Just baca bahagian yang relevan sahaja untuk pengajaran ikut sukatan pelajaran. Nota ini kebanyakan dari internet. You guys should know that internet has a lot of notes regarding matrices and other topics for our class that can be found. But I will help certain notes yang dirasakan sesuai. GO to Fundamental Mathematics Page.

2.Next Class (Tomorrow or Next Week 12th August 2010) – I will finish the Matrices chapter.

3. Planning – I’m going to cover until chapter 5 sebelum hari raya. Ada Test pada 1th September 2010 atau 2th September 2010. Maybe Petang area 2.30 pm to 4pm or malam. I will discuss with you guys next week (When we are going to have a test)

[DACS 1212]Updated 5th August 2010 6.33 AM:-

1. We have a class today!!! Be there. Mungkin I’ll cover until Matrices:Inverse Matrices or maybe I could finish it. Tomorrow I have double meeting (Overlap meeting) so I need to pull tomorrow class for today class if I cannot make it (incase that meeting habis lambat)

2. Saya akan upload nota matriks + web tutorial dalam beberapa hari ini. InsyaAllah. dalam bentuk powerpoint/pdf. Untuk tutorial dalam buku, sila praktis sendiri dan if ada soalan datang tanya kat bilik saya. bila-bila masa saya ada kat office (selalunya Isnin sampai Rabu saya free especially waktu area pagi 9.00 am to 12.00 pm). Petang datang around 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm). Nanti saya tampal jadual saya kat depan bilik AG-17.

[DACS 1212]Updated 3th August 2010 2.42 PM:-

1. Students!!! Please download your assignment set. Remember that there are 3 sets. You guys can download all sets but only concentrate on your assignment set given by the group numbers. Please solve only the assignment set that is set to your group only.

2. I also put interesting rules regarding this assignment. It is going to be very cool. And also helps me a lot.

3. Test is going to be on 2nd September 2010 (Thursday) around 3 pm to 4.30 pm.or maybe earlier around 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm.

[DACS 1212]Updated 3th August 2010 7.31 AM:-

1.Students!!, Please go to Group Members page where I put which assignment set belong to which group. There are three different sets and you guys must complete the assignment before 7 November 2010

[DACS 1212]Updated 30th July 2010 2.22 PM:-

Guys, please go to Fundamental Mathematics page. I put a link to download few past years paper for reference.

[DACS 1212]Updated 30th July 2010 12.32 PM:-

1. Harga sebenar buku Matematik Asas adalah RM18 (setelah diberitahu oleh dealer asal buku ini). Maaf atas peningkatan harga ini kerana kosnya naik berbanding tahun lepas.

2. Saya tidak hadir ke kelas hari ini disebabkan ada meeting melibatkan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi dan juga Western Digital (syarikat Harddisk) pada pukul 10.00 AM tadi hingga 12.00 PM.

3. Kelas akan diadakan seperti biasa pada minggu depan

4. Buku boleh dibeli pada Jumaat petang ini (30th July 2010, lepas solat Jumaat)

[DACS 1212]Updated 28th July 2010 2.59 PM:-

1. Tutorial 2 Answer is provided on Fundamental Mathematics Link above.

[DACS 1212]Updated 28th July 2010 5.28 AM:-

1. I’ve uploaded several future tutorial for you guys to download and keep it until the class covers the topic.(Please head to Fundamental Mathematics Link above under Teaching)

2. I’ll update several news regarding Friday class (30th July 2010) as I’ve been told that there is a high management meeting starting from 10.30 AM.  FOR TIME BEING, CONSIDER THAT THERE IS A CLASS ON FRIDAY 30TH JULY 2010

3. I’m going to book a test on 2th September 2010 (Thursday) for our test (only one test for this subject that carries 25% of your carrymark)

4. I’m also planning for quiz on next week 5th August 2010 (Thursday around 11.30 AM-12.00PM – during class session), Cover only Chapter 1 (Objective Type Questions)

[DACS 1212]Updated 27th July 2010 3.55 PM:-

Please go to the Fundamental Mathematics Link for Collection of my uploaded files. Starting from now, you guys can just directly go to Fundamental Mathematics to find related files. However, I’ll still put link of newest uploaded file in this page. Thanks.

[DACS 1212]Updated 26th July 2010 11.20 AM:-

Please find yourself Tutorial 2 Here (Answer will be provided on the next Tuesday (3rd August 2010)


Answers for Tutorial 1


[DACS 1212]Updated 23th July 2010 5.00 PM:-

Please do this tutorials. Thanks. Answer will be provided later on. But please do it all first and ask when you have problem(s)


[DACS 1212]Updated 23th July 2010:-

1. I will cover Complex Number today

2. Download the Following Ebook that I found on the internet


3. You can go to this website to study more about mathematics :

4. Download Exercise (With Answers for selected Questions) for Chapter 1. PLEASE CLICK HERE

[DACS 1212]FOR 22th July 2010/23 July 2010:-

1. I will cover a topic starting from Real Numbers until Logaritm (End of Chapter 1)

2. Please prepare RM15 RM18 for Fundamental Mathematics Book (I will bring it to the class next week – Class is on Friday, On Thursday I will not be around – attend seminar/presentation)

3. Please visit this website regularly. Thank you. For any updates

Chapter 1 Slide Uploaded (PDF)

Chapter 2 Slide Uploaded (PDF)

[DACS 1212]UPDATED 20TH JULY 2010: Download Teaching Plan for DACS 1212

LATEST: Download Teaching Plan for DACS 1212


LATEST: Kelas akan diadakan pada 22th july 2010 (khamis) dan pastikan anda semua hadir kerana kelas akan bermula terus.

Laman ini memuatkan pelajaran terkini yang sedang diajar oleh saya.

Please find all my previous notes regarding previous lesson by my on this site

Persamaan Pembezaan :-

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