[posted February 4, 2012]

1. Supervisor saya , Dr Abdullah Bade telah mengeluarkan tawaran kepada sesiapa yang berada dalam bidang Computer Science – Computer Graphics/Multimedia untuk menjadi Pensyarah sepenuh masa di Universiti Malaysia Sabah (School of Science and Technology). Sebarang pertanyaan lanjut bolehlah pergi ke laman UMS sendiri atau menghubungi saya. Kunjungi untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai research group beliau.

[posted October 17, 2011]

From: Abd Razak, Ridza Effendi []
Sent: Monday, 17 October, 2011 2:01:45 PM

Company : Intel technology
Location: Kulim
GT will be responsible for performing routine junior engineering tasks under supervision of a senior engineer for the design and development of testing board solutions. Tasks include, gathering customer requirements, doing component research, designing tests, analyzing data and making recommendations using structured problem solving methods.  GT will work in a diverse team environment in an office layout as well as in the lab and factory floor assisting engineers in conducting experiments commensurate with their technical ability. GT should be an electrical/electronic student seeking a BS/MS degree (or equivalent) and possess good analytical and communication skills.
GT should also possess basic electrical circuit design knowledge, electrical circuit modeling skill, print circuit board knowledge, and basic usage of AutoCAD, Cadence Allegro & P-Spice or any schematic level simulation software tool.
GT is blue badge employee with contractual 1 year probation. GT have all the permanent employee benefit except for few bonuses and certain allowances.
Email can be directed to me.Email to
Please send as soon as possible, we are looking to fill this position urgently

[posted August 3, 2011]

Iklan Jawatan RA & RO di FKEKK. Ada 3 kekosongan:

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lawati :



–          3 Positions available

–          Must enroll with Master by Research at UTeM

–          Owns a good degree from any public institution of higher learning

–          Motivated, independent, reliable & hardworking.

–          Will be required to help in research projects.

–          Technical requirement related with the work:

  • circuit design, pcb fabrication, testing, system integration
  • Software: Proteus, Matlab, CCS C compiler, PLC software, Visual Studio (VB  or C#)
  • C program in PIC microcontroller
  • Programming using PLC
  • Read & understand datasheets, application notes, user manual, etc
  • Able to write technical paper & report.

–          Monthly allowance of RM1500 for Research Officer or daily allowance of RM60++ for RA

–          Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

–          Applicants must submit their resume before August 12, 2011 to:

[posted July 14, 2011] or download the letter HERE -> Mimos seeking researcher

We are seeking for 4 research assistants (RA) to work on next generation wireless networking
projects for the duration of 18 months. Newly registered postgraduate students who are still looking
for topic and research direction are preferred. We will work with the university supervisors on
research direction, provide guidance and necessary tools for their works. Below are the detailed
project descriptions:
Project 1-Two-tier Wireless Network System (2 RAs}
This project embarks to investigate application of a two-tier wireless network system with
integrating wireless access and wireless backhaul as the evolution path of migrating our national
communication infrastructure to the next generation communication system. The solution is a part
of answers to the challenges outlined in the ETP, such as to increase internet penetration rate and to
provide ad hoc access fulfilling the thirst for mobile broadband with the advantages of low CAPEX,
and short time frame in deployment. The first tier of the network system is the wireless access
network which provides interface for user accessing to internet and enjoy services such as voice over
IP, web browsing, and social network. The second tier is the backhaul network in which comprises of
a number of wireless routers that carry traffic from various access networks to a gateway.
The project, in defining the evolution of our national communication infrastructure, covers the
following tasks:
1. Research and investigate the migration path for our national communication infrastructure.
a. Review and examine last mile network, identifying the causes of bottleneck that effect
network performance.
b. Feasibility and compatibility analysis of adopting wireless access and wireless
2. Research and design a mobile broadband infrastructure that meets the demand and
requirement of our nation with integration of wireless access and wireless backhaul networks.
a. Fusion of backhaul and access networks, seamless connections from individual
access points to the core network.
b. Research novel protocols and routers that can fulfil wireless backhaul network,
providing carrier grade linkage to transport aggregated traffic between access
networks and the core network.
c. Performance analysis and evaluation of mobile broadband service in the proposed
integrated wireless network.
3. Proof of concept with realistic testbed
a. Two-tier wireless network design, optimisation and prototype.
b. Optimisation of relay mechanism to provide fairness and quality of service.
Essential skills:
• Excellent C/C++ programming
• Working knowledge of TCP/IP, Ethernet, and WiFi
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Working knowledge of tools such as Wireshark, Jperf, I perf, etc
• Understanding of Linux Kernel compiling
• Excellent analytical skills
Desirable skills:
IEEE 802.11s, open mesh lls, programming and development of network protocol.
MIMOS Berhad
Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Project 2 – Coverage and Capacity Optimization for 4G Heterogeneous Multi-hop Broadband
Wireless Networks (2 RAs)
The objectives of this project are:
1. To design a 4G heterogeneous, multiradio, multihop wireless network architecture and
functional modules.
2. To model a large-scale network which comprises traffic & user behaviour, coverage (or
spatial model) & capacity models
3. The modelling work will adopt both static system level (i.e. snapshot-based) and dynamic
system level (i.e. event-driven) approaches. The Morte-Carlo technique will then be applied
to generate the expected performance.
4. To formulate optimization objectives and develop suitable optimization techniques based on
the identified use cases or scenarios and deployment goals.
5. To carry out case studies and performance analysis for different geographical environments,
traffic loading conditions, application types, etc.
6. To compare and contrast the performance of different optimization techniques.
Essential skills:
• Good academic results in wireless and comms related subjects
o Good background in Matlab, Basic, C/C++ programming
o Good analytical skills
o Good written and verbal communication
Desirable skills:
• IEEE 802.11s, network simulators such as ns2/3, Qual net or OPNET or equivalent
The ideal candidates for the above posts will have at least a 1st or 2nd upper class degree from a
good university in computer science, software, computer, telecom engineering or equivalent and
currently registered or intend to register as a postgraduate student.
We offer very generous monthly allowance for the successful students. If you are interested please
send your CV and a cover letter to Dr. Kwong Kae Hsiang ( and Dr. David
Chieng (

[posted May 15, 2011]


Selamat Sejahtera,

Infineon Melaka is offering UTeM’s graduates training and employment opportunites with attractive monthly allowance. Please  forward the details to the faculty and students ASAP.
Details are as given below and the avertisement is as attached.. Application can be done online at :

Closing date is 27 May 2011
For any more info please contact En Amin or En Tinta at ICNet.
Thank you.for your kind attention.

Kind regards,

Associate Professor Dr. Chong Kuan Eng,
Industry & Community Network Center (ICNet),
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka,
Hang Tuah Jaya,
76100 Durian Tunggal,

Phone (General): +606-331-6135  | Phone (Direct): +606-331-6254  |  Fax: +606-331-6200   |  Mobile: +6012- 608 – 1966   |   Email:
Secretary: Nur Zafiqah Bte Mohd Zin |Tel : +606-331-6070 | Fax: +606-331-6200   | Email:


Infineon Melaka is working together with Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) to offer  Competency Development Program for the following areas/programs:

1.    Chip Testing Technologies (Semiconductor chip testing)

2.    Advanced Packaging Technologies (Semiconductor chip packaging)

The selected participants will initially undergo an intensive classroom technical training on the selected program. During this stage; the participants shall be equipped for the on-job industrial training.

Upon successful completion of the classroom technical training; the participants shall be placed in Infineon Melaka for On-The-Job Training as to further enhanced their capabilities
and competencies.

■      Malaysian Candidates only, below 28 years of age.
■      Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants with Degree in Mechatronics / Electronic & Electrical/
Mechanical / Material Engineering / Applied Physics          from a recognized university.
■      CGPA : 3.0 and above.
■      Unemployed at the time of application.
■      Good interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills and a good team player.

■      Employment with Infineon Melaka.
■      Ready-to-work in the industry.
■      Monthly allowance of RM 2600
■      Industry recognized competencies.
■      REAL LIFE WORK projects and thus it will contribute greatly to your work experiences.
■      And many more benefits.

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