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Yes, actually it has been a while since I wrote something technical in this site. Compared to other blogger that might write something about themselves and what happened surround them. Same principle applied to me but I found out that I still need to write more about helping others to excel in their study or life.

How do you learn programming?

This topic was chosen by me as I’m starting to write some program using Visual Studio 2010 (right now still installing in my office computer). I’ve begin my research in Continuous Collision Detection which is also my doctorate research. Pray that I will success in my PhD in this 3 to 4 years. Right before the age of 30 years old, I will get myself a PhD degree. To you guys out there, PhD is still a degree because degree means that the status of your classification. It is either you Bachelor degree, Master degree or PhD degree.

Back to the topic, how to learn programming

To be honest, don’t ever  ever look at the complex source code before you ever learn about it. Actually, you can learn from the very complex one but it is hard to very beginner programmer. You must somehow start with a very basic one.

Step 1 : Choose your programming language.

Yes, the first step is to choose your programming language. It is quite a lot out there but you must strike which one first. It is either C programming (most of C programming is just for hardware and it is good for you who will work at most industries or factories) or C++ programming language (which is covered most of the application now days such as in computer games, in industries or factories, in image processing or most of the computer related applications).

Or perhaps you could learn C-Objective to develop Apps for Apple Store especially in Iphone/Ipad Game/Application development.

Target your first language to learn and pick this one as your first programming language.

It is just the same to choose which area you want to become expert. Either in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or any engineering courses. Just pick one and master on it. Just for the first step for the beginner.

Step 2 : Try to Google

Now, after you have chosen your first language. It is time to learn about it. Now, what you have to do is to google it. What to search? (By using C++ for example)

1. Tool/Editor for C++ Programming – Finding which tool will suite your need. If you don’t know what to choose, just randomly pick the free one or which tool most programmer use.

2. Learn C++ – Now you need to find which site to learn. Tons of websites out there has a lot of example to program. However, YOU MUST START FROM THE FIRST PAGE OF LEARNING THE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Unless, you know some basics stuff and want to skip several stuffs. It is OK to do that if you have full confident on that.

3. Compile some example of C++ – Learn to compile using the tool/editor that you have installed in your computer. Start from the very basic one until the hard one.

4. Try to edit some example  – Try to change the value or some variable inside the example file. You will notice what this program do and that will make you a better programmer by keep on practising it.

Do all this 4 steps and continue to learn about it continuously. For example, every night 10 pm to 12 am (2 hours), study about programming and believe me when you become to grasp the perfect understanding of your programming skills, you will stuck in front of your computer for more than 12 hours per day just to do programming because programming is fun and great. I always found these two things good; programming and writing some documents/papers. I have not so much interest in reading papers but as a researchers, at least I need to understand what all these researches is all about.

Step 3 – Keep on practicing daily

As a programmer, you need to maintain your skills otherwise you will found a little bit difficult to implement something in your program. Just like myself, it has been two months since the last time I programmed some stuff using C++ editor. But, do not worry as your skill will go up again after a few days. Just you need to remember stuff. but not remember the source code, but remember how to do that and search that in your source code.

Step 4 – Happy Programming

For sure, you must be able to like it – programming. It is something like a gadget for you to keep with you all the time. Love the programming and always show interest in programming. Don’t ever hate it because your program will never succeed if you hate it. Unless with some helps.

So, that is my point for today, happy programming guys!! and happy writing!!

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