Apabila segalanya disuap[Versi Untuk Student]

Assalammualaikum W.R.T. and Good Morning

It’s been a while since my last post and today I would like to post something related to the teaching that hopefully can shape their mind when they entering the university level of thinking and learning.

Learning in the university is not the same process as in school or matriculation. It is not something similar but it is totally different than an ordinary school or matriculation. Although it has same principle but the outcome is not 100% the same.

1. Student is supposed to find their own study material for themselves and not just wait for the lecturer to feed with the spoon in their mouth. They must willing to learn and gain the knowledge itself. We as a lecturer only guide them how to do it and obtain it.

2. Student must do a lot of exercises if they are not fully understand about the subject and must willing to teach themselves without having first go directly to the lecturer and ask. Study for yourself first before meeting with a lecturer. We are not going to reveal the answer because the answer is supposed yours to find. Not us.

3. You are the one (student) that is going to shape your future, so you must be able to understand and keep on motivate yourself. You are not some kids that must be feed using the spoon anymore. You are becoming an adult.

4. Always to schedule your time properly because this is not an ordinary school schedule. You are in the university and do some time table for your daily routine.

5. Be mature and always try your best to understand. Don’t just rely on the lecturer but move your mind into an adult mind that you are going to become a person.

So, above is a few tips how to become a good student with a lot of potentials. You must have some spirit to learn and do research is you are going to survive in this world. This is not school level but it is an adult level of education. So, always be prepared and equipped yourself with a better and correct gear to undertake this mountain.

I have an experienced that teaching with a lot of materials that I’ve been given to the student can only lead the student to poorly result on their quizzes, test or final. So, this time, I will only give them my website to download all the materials and it is up to them how to study. Exercise is up to them.

BENC Final Examination Result – Student = 70

BENW Final Examination Result – Student = 65

For this short semester teaching, I will do something much different compared to the normal semester. It is like research based type of teaching that student must teach the student. The student is going to teach their friends and myself is only monitoring all the teaching activities. This is to develop their confidence level of understanding and perhaps their communication skills later on. An engineer is supposed to explain the procedure better than the technician level. And sometime they must give some presentation to the client. So, I’m preparing it for them.

So, goodluck for my upcoming student this short semester. I’m going to become tough for them to see, meet, and teach. So, they will appreciate a normal semester study and how every moment cannot be wasted with some foolish stuff and enjoyable life. Life in the university is supposed to be enjoyable and great result if you understand how does it look and live in the university. But if you failed to understand it, than you are going to have enjoyable life too at the university but with always a bad luck and bad result in your study.

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2 thoughts on “Apabila segalanya disuap[Versi Untuk Student]

  1. huhuhu.. sir, saya kan ada satu masalah sikit saya takut nak jumpa lecturer lagi-lagi yang garang. malu pun ada jugak. kalau tak paham saya tanya member sbb tak berani jumpa lec.. huhu. macam mana nak atasi eh? -.-

    p/s : sir, time kasih sbb ajar saya DE last2 time sebelum exam haritu (:

    1. Sebenarnya semua lecturer boleh dijumpai. mereka tidak garang sebenarnya. Bahkan mereka menunggu untuk mencari siapa yang akan bertanya. Percayalah jika kamu sering bertanya (yang penting anda mencuba dahulu menjawab selepas itu jika tidak dapat jawab, maka baru jumpa), pasti seseorang pensyarah itu akan cuba membantu sedaya upaya untuk menjawab. INsyaAllah

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