Macbook PRO


Setelah hampir sekian lamanya menggunakan Macbook Pro ini iaitu hampir 1 tahun (8 ke 9 bulan) juga rasanya, maka tibalah masanya untuk some review or maybe my 2 cents of view about this gadget.

Apple already well-known among us especially for those who owns Iphone 3 , 3GS or 4. Yet another version will coming this end of year which is Iphone 5. Also with their Ipad 2 that look stylish and whenever you bring this gadget, everyone will eventually amazed by its beauty and how well they have developed this gadget.

AS for myself, I’m not a big fan of Apple but I’m a big fan of gadget that really works. Either Apple or IBM or Toshiba or everything else, as long as the gadget looks fine and perfectly working in order, it is enough for me.

Macbook Pro is one of the gadget from the Apple Inc that the price ranging from RM3500 to Rm5000++. Luckily I got one since our RiangLab team won the Rm50,000 competition (visit for the proposal of iphone game development (currently in development). So, I’ve managed to got one without paying anything and as long as I got this great stuff. Again, it is quite fun for me to explore.

The design of the macbook pro itself is so beautiful and its combination of hardware processor and their other peripherals is also great. Not to mention their OS also looks far better than any Microsoft product even though Microsoft still rocks on several stuff such as Microsoft Office , Media Player, etc.

So, without even use an antivirus program, we can navigate the website or webpage freely without ever getting even a small tiny of virus into your macbook.

You also do not need to use extra mouse to control your navigation in your OS as their mouse pad is really awesome. 1,2,3 or 4 fingers combination can easily been used to navigate throughout the system and fast response too.

Their battery is far too powerful compared to other notebook that use Windows OS. Windows OS eats a lot of your resources and that is why your notebook can managed to hold only at most 2 to 3 hours for the 6 months of your new notebook. But for this macbook, even after almost a year of usage, the battery still can hold for more than 5 hours while doing some web surfing, use microsoft office such as word and powerpoint, play some short movies etc. But for a notebook to stay 5 hours even with just surfing the internet, it is a pain in the ass. I knew it because I’m already have it last year. An Acer notebook. Bought by my brother to me as a job present in order to me to work hard and tough. But I just gave that to my younger sister to use it after some hardware is damaged (I’ve told you notebook bring a lot of problems).

But, of course, some of my friends got a macbook that has a display problem but Apple managed to get a new macbook for him.

So, why waiting for. Grab a macbook now. and trust me. you will be amazed that Apple Macbook Pro is 10 times great than your current notebook. Trust me. and Trust Apple.


p/s – actually I’m going to write more but since I’m so hungry and I’m going to eat right now. Later. Cya


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